Monday, June 26, 2017

Tylinn is 13!!

This beautiful girl turned 13!  Now we have 4 teenagers at this house!  AHHHH!  It's a good thing teenagers are so much fun!

 Poor Tylinn had to babysit on her birthday, which she was perfectly fine with but I was planning on helping lots with things and I woke up that morning throwing up!  I haven't thrown up for years and years.  Some how I managed to make Crepes like she wanted and Bruce cooked them.
 She got to start wearing make up! Mascara is the only thing she wants to wear right now.

 We got a slip and slide a couple weeks ago at Sams Club and they talked their dad into setting it up for them to play on for her birthday.
 Rhett even joined in on the fun!

 Tylinn was so sweet - because I was throwing up I obviously couldn't go to dinner that night so she decided they would stay home and eat hotdogs and go to dinner a night after I felt better.
 She said she didn't care what kind of a cake she got so we did an icecream sandwich cake for her.  Thankfully Rhett and Bridget made it for her!

 Tylinn is a special sweet girl that has a little laugh about everything.  She didn't complain one time that day about anything not being good on her birthday.  She got a pair of converse shoes and the can jam game.  We love you Tylinn!

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Baby Sitting

A couple of weeks ago there were about 10 families in town that went to Mexico.  That meant the kids who usually babysit these little kids weren't in town to do it so Tylinn and Kaylee got to babysit Emmery and Carter.  It was a super fun week having them. To make it all even better they got paid quite a bit.  They would still get up every morning and water at Bro. Crandells house then hurry home to baby sit all day.  

Bridget All Stars

Bridget made it All Stars for Volleyball.  She was so excited to get to go.  The other girl that got selected from Mogollon didn't go so it was just her.  On the schedule there were lots of team bonding things and enough to keep them busy from Friday at 1 until their game Saturday at 1. There were supposed to be 4 teams but after the people that responded and said they were going there was only enough for 3 teams.  Well after all that just didn't show up there was only 2 teams. Bridget texted me after their first practice and said a bunch of girls are at the mall and with their parents and she was just in her motel room doing nothing.  We had gone with Holli out to Les's house to swim so we were an hour away from where Bridget was.  So she just sat in her motel room watching TV.  They didn't do hardly anything that was on the schedule.  So Saturday - game day.  Bridget went as a Labero and because they were short teams their team had 2.  Their coach told the other girl you will play the first match and Bridget you will play the second and so on.  Well the other team beat our team in 3 so they only played 3 matches.  The way it worked out Bridget only played 1 match.  Pretty lame but whatever. 

 After it was over the teams wanted to play another match for fun but Bridget's coach said "no lets go home" so they ended it and went home.  Bridget is glad she went because she would have regretted not going but it was a big let down.   The past few years it has been at EA and it has been really good from what we have heard but unfortunately this year it was a joke!

The positive about the trip is the girls and I got to spend Saturday night with Grandma and taking care of her.  

Thursday, June 22, 2017

NAU Orientation

The girls and I made a trip to Flagstaff for Orientation for Bridget.  She got all checked in and ready to go.

 Tylinn and Kaylee both won a $100 gift certificate to Walmart from Golden Mustang.  So while we were waiting to check into our motel we went shopping.  They LOVED it!!

 And of course had to get pictures by the Lumber Jack.  We found a few NAU shirts at Walmart!

It was a fun trip but crazy this is really happening.  We got to see her apartment and meet one of her roommates.  It made me feel  alot better seeing she won't be living on campus but right next to campus.  I felt pretty good about things when we left but it is still going to be hard!\ to let her go!

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Red Neck Icecream

While Holli and Shawn were here for Graduation and Memorial Day Weekend we wanted to make ice cream.  Well our ice cream maker was having problems and wouldn't turn.  We got the Weber's and their was making an awful noise so we didn't want to be the ones to break it so we took it right back and resulted to the drill!  It worked and the ice cream was great!

Monday, June 5, 2017

Graduation 2017

I can't believe this really happened! She has had great High School Years.  She finished it off with tying for Salutatorian with Olivia.  Bridget has had a great High School and other years of school and has done really well.  She is an amazing young lady! She got a $1,500 scholarship from ENCORE and also a $1,500 scholarship from HOST.

 Both Grandma and Grandpas were at graduation along with Holli and her family.
 I couldn't believe all the cards, blankets etc that came pouring in for graduation.
 I sure love this girl of mine!
 One last pictures of the 3 high schoolers!  The boys sang at graduation!

 All the Seniors in choir.
 The choir sang the National Anthem at graduation.
 So happy these boys are in choir!
Bridget getting her medal for Salutatorian.  

 Her and Olivia did a  little speech together  - a short sweet one!

 Bridget will be missed by many!
 Plenty of tears that night!

  Kaylee went home with Shawn - so we didnt' get a picture with all of us.

 These 3 are the best of friends!

It doesn't feel real!  I know it won't until school starts in a couple of months and Bridget is at working while everybody is at school, and then when she is off to NAU :(  Bridget we love you more then you will ever know!  It has been a privilege raising you and you have for sure made it easy!  You will be missed by us and by others around the community!