Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Back to School Blessings

We are very blessed to have a worthy priesthood holder in our home to give all of us blessings before the new school year! We always do this the Sunday before school starts! Kaylee was sick with strep throat and a UTI so she didn't end up going to church but thankfully we got her to the doctor and got some outings so she got to get her blessing first!

This is always a special time in our home. This year we did it Twila you're all still fasting and it was kind of emotional for the dad giving all of them!

This was extra special because earlier that day at church Bruce ordained Rhett to the office of a Priest So it was a special day for us!

Bridget isn't starting school for a few weeks and so she decided to wait to get her blessing. Bruce always gives me a blessing because I start the new work here with school.

Add with returning back to school is the reading of the kids and all. I am most forgot. Thankfully Kaylee reminded me. The kids even the big boys are always so good to participate in that with me! It is a memory I will always cherish from time with my kids.

Temple Trip

Bruce and I along with the Elder Clark and Elder Humphreys were able to go to the temple to do baptisms with Sister Wright in our ward for the first time. We were thankful that they invited us to go and had us take them! It was great to see her enthusiasm and feel of her spirit. We did baptisms and then went to Elcupidos for lunch!


We had a good little family trip down to Sunsplash a couple of days before school started. With these Pogo passes we got we could go for free so we decided to have it be out last outing before school started.

It was a great trip down there in! Everybody had a lot of fun except Kaylee. She wasn't feeling very good and so she just stayed mostly in the lazy river of the wave pool with me. She did go down to or three slides and it was making her head hurt so will didnt do it anymore after that.

These four had lots of fun on the slides together!

Kaylee did a lot of this because she wasn't feeling good! It's kind of sad that that's how she spent her day at Sunsplash but we got through it.

After Sunsplash Dustin wanted to go to a Downeast store see if they had cheap American fighter shirts. We found one that had some good deals this morning to trip over there!

We went to Raising Cane's after and had a yummy dinner and headed home. We had to stop in Payson for some groceries and it ended up getting home at 11 o'clock that night! It was a great trip down there as a family and time spent together!

Rhett Man it 16!!!

I can't believe this bit is 16!! We had a fun evening with him and all his friends including the Elders! Of course Rhett has his eyes closed in this picture!! We fed the Elders - Humphreys and Clark dinner the night of his birthday. The boys had football practice so Rhett barely caught them before they left. 

After football the team and all of Rhett's other friends came over for biscuits and gravy he. I made two huge Dutch ovens full of gravy and a whole ton of biscuits.  We made green chili gravy and regular gravy and the green chili was by far the favorite!

The kids ate and ate and ate and played Kan Jam and corn hole and played on the trampoline.

We even talked to Scott in the coming for some biscuits and gravy!

It's a good thing the kids had fun on the trampoline because at Bridget 16th birthday party the trampoline got bent and it survived this whole time and it Rhett's16th birthday party they finished it off and clear broke it!

This is just a picture I posted to write happy birthday on social media. It was when he was eight years old but has a birthday!

Right is a sweet special kid with lots of friends and we sure love having him in our home and the fun times he brings there!

Read it with his delicious chocolate cake!

I sometimes tease Rhett about being a turd because sometimes he is with all the teasing he likes to do so when both of us saw this in the store right decided he needed it so he got it for his birthday!

I decided it would be nice for him to have a little blanket to take on his sports trips with him so while he was gone to football camp Bruce Tylinn and I got this quilt made for him!

This and That

The other night the kids got all their change to take to the bank and put into their savings account. Does this look like fun or what?? Bruce thinks so!!

Bridget made a trip to see Aunt Shavan to get her hair done. She did an ambrea (so?). It turned out super cute!

And picture of this cute boy!!

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Anniversary Vegas Trip

This year we got to celebrate our 20 years anniversary. With our anniversary being July 2nd it is always right around the 4th celebration here so things are crazy. Most years sadly we don't do much to celebrate because of the crazy time of year. With it being 20 years we knew we needed to do something fun! I found a free 3 night 4 day stay at Tahiti Village right down from the strip so we decided since it was free we would make a trip with it - we just had to sit through their sales presentation but for a free trip we would do it .

I have been to Vegas a couple quick times and Bruce has only been years ago to get his endowments in the temple because the Mesa Temple was closed. I didn't get any other pictures of our room except this of the bed. It was a pretty nice 5 star resort.

The resort had a shuttle that went to the strip to drop you off. It was super nice because we didn't have to drive anywhere.

The first night there we walked one way 2 plus miles down by the Stratosphere looking for the M&M store. We obviously turned the wrong way once we got off the shuttle. It ended fine so we could see that end of things. The one problem was it was HOT like 105 degrees hot. Which made some warm walking seeing that was mostly what we did.

It is just amazing the wickedly but beautiful casinos. We got home and explained how there is the yucky casino part of those but they are also big and huge and beautiful. 

Trying to like the giant lollipop!

That first night we were super hungry but didn't really know where to stop and eat that was cheap enough and good etc. About 8:30 that night we were walking past the worlds biggest mall and I told Bruce they ha to have a food court in there so we could eat there. I got a super yummy wrap and Bruce got some Chinese food with a delicious grapefruit mango tapioca drink. Good stop!! We ended it with dessert with a big yummy crepe with ice cream in it.

The next day showered and ready to head out. We had tickets to a Variety Show this day. We were just going to go for a little bit and pick up our tickets and go back to our room for a little while. 

Well we found too much to do and didn't make it back until about 11 that night. Had a blast in the M&M store. 

We are ready to watch the show in the M&M Store about red loosing his m.

Bruce had to check out the cool car!

This is inside Planet Hollywood. It was so neat how it was inside but had an outside feel to it.

The Bellagio was of course amazing and beautiful. We knew we had to go back at night and watch the water show.

In the V Theater eating for our show. We loved it and Wally Eastwood was great!

It was our last night there and we decided we wanted some gelato. We hadn't ever had it before. We walked right past a shop with it in Caesars Palace and decided to walk back the extra might to go back and get some. It was way too expensive! We were going to share but there were too many kinds to try so we each had to get one. It was delicious!!

We were going to go to the temple while we were there. We called them to see what time ceilings were and found out they were close for two weeks. So on our way out of town we just stop by to take some pictures but we were pretty bummed that we couldn't go inside. It was beautiful!

It was a great trip! We had so much fun and loved every minute we got to spend together!! The kids even survived at home with our us!