Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Presidents Day

Yesterday was Presidents Day. It was a yucky snowing windy day. This is how we spent it....

Fun With Cousins

We had Amanda and her girls over Sunday for treats and visiting......... crazy girls!

Future Missionary 

I sure love this handsome boy of mine. Sunday at church he was going to meet with bishop for the last time before sending in his papers. He has been so worried about what picture he sends in with his papers because he know that is the picture they will look at when they are extending his call. He wanted me to take a couple more to get the perfect picture to send. So we went out during Sunday School and took these. 

Great pictures but he wouldn’t use them because his hair is too long he thinks. He was also worried because it says no fad hair cuts and he is afraid it’s too much the fad. I am thankful for a boy that wants to keep the rules so good. He is going to be a great missionary.

Church Ball

This boy has fun playing church ball. This is where we have been every Thursday night for a while. They are finishing things up with it this week then it will be over!


President Ron T - their Basketball coach took the team to the ASU U of A basketball game. He posted this picture. They had a great time. They spent the night down there and the next day went to Prescott to watch our basketball girls at state.

Amber was college touring and stopped by NAU for a super fast tour and visit with Bridget!

Bruce made this arrow for Bridget at her apartment to hang keys on. It just needs painted and hooks. 

A Sunday good morning picture to send to bridget- Bruce was already gone to meetings.

Daddy Daughter Time

Bruce has been gone for work quite a bit. It’s not too fun but we love it when he gets to be in flagstaff and spend time with Bridget. They had a fun evening together. Bridget is doing so good there and loving life!

Bruce and Kaylee had their last daddy daughter date dance with the 4th grade at mountain meadows. This year it was a Hawaiian theme. They had a great time together!

Handsome Boys

This is the best looking Sunday school teacher ever. He is thankful he was just a substitute for gospel doctrine!

I took this at Stake Standards Night. Fun to be in the same Stake as Taylor.