Sunday, January 3, 2016

Christmas Eve

We had our usual Christmas Eve Mexican Dinner, which consisted of taquitos, tostadas, spanish rice, chimis and chips and salsa with homemade grape juice to drink.  These people are my world!
 Tylinn and Kaylee are the only kids that got PJ's this year.  The boys wear a pair of basketball shorts and Bridget isn't growing so she had plenty of PJ's and told me not to get her any.
 These two were as hyper and crazy that night as little kids.
 And then there was Dustin with his ipod in his mouth!  Fun fun kids!
 And the PJ's.

 We were going to go to Snowflake for Christmas Eve but all the other families were going with their other side of the family so we went to Scott and Amanda's house.  Three good lookin boys!
 Three beautiful girls!
 And 3 crazy girls but so much fun!
 Two brothers

 In the van on the way home from the cousins house.  And as usual Dustin can't take a "normal"picture!
 The little girls saying good bye to zippy!

 Cookies and milk for Santa.  Hope he was hungry because that is a lot of cookies - but they are cute gingerbread cookies Tylinn and Kaylee made!

......not a creature was stirring not even a mouse........

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