Thursday, November 17, 2016

Trip to the Grand Canyon

 Over Vetran's Day weekend we were able to finally take a little family trip to the Grand Canyon.  We left Friday morning first thing and Dustin and Bridget drove us there.  We went through Cameron and up around that way.  It was a free day there so there were lots of people.  I guess the only time it bothered us when 1 place we stopped we had a hard time finding a parking place.  The weather was great and it was fun to be together.

Attempting heel kicks with 5 kids and a not great camera this was as good as it got!  But it was sure fun trying!

 It's a good thing we had our "selfie" stick to fit in with everybody else there!! :)

 We hiked down a little ways to this arch.

 On the way back to Flagstaff we stopped at this cute little Flintstone place.

 We stayed at the Wyndymn Resort in Flagstaff.  It was a nice big place with plenty of room.  It was kind of different with walking in the front door and having stairs in front of you that to go the kitchen/dining room/ family room then down stairs was mine and Bruce's room and a bathroom and ground level was the kids room with a bathroom.
 There was pool there.

 And Minature Golf

 And checkers
 and computers
 and ice cream!

 We spent 2 nights there and Sunday went to church in Winslow then headed home for the Night of Sacred Music.  It was great time and much needed family time!

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