Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Back to School Blessings

We are very blessed to have a worthy priesthood holder in our home to give all of us blessings before the new school year! We always do this the Sunday before school starts! Kaylee was sick with strep throat and a UTI so she didn't end up going to church but thankfully we got her to the doctor and got some outings so she got to get her blessing first!

This is always a special time in our home. This year we did it Twila you're all still fasting and it was kind of emotional for the dad giving all of them!

This was extra special because earlier that day at church Bruce ordained Rhett to the office of a Priest So it was a special day for us!

Bridget isn't starting school for a few weeks and so she decided to wait to get her blessing. Bruce always gives me a blessing because I start the new work here with school.

Add with returning back to school is the reading of the kids and all. I am most forgot. Thankfully Kaylee reminded me. The kids even the big boys are always so good to participate in that with me! It is a memory I will always cherish from time with my kids.

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