Sunday, December 31, 2017

Wisdom Teeth

Well we survived these 2 getting their wisdom teeth out on December 22.  Dustin went first after sitting in the waiting room for over 2 hours he was ready- he had 4 deep ones. Dr. Birtcher dug and dug to get them out. It took him an hour and 45 min to get him finished. Dustin came out and was in the recover chair doing great. He was a little out of it but nothing bad.

Well Bridget was another story. They moved dustin out of the chair to put Bridget in- I started asking Bridget about Caleb, Barr and Noah and she just lost it and started crying- little did I know she would cry for the next 2 hours!! I was a little worried and asked the anesthesiologist if this was normal and he said yes for females.

These 2 pictures were taken before the surgery.

Dustin in the recovery chair.

They wanted Dustin to eat something to get some food in his stomach so he could take some pain killer.

And here is Miss Bridget- she wanted to have a drink of water and the only water around was Dustin‘s. Dustin told her if she drink his water she would turn into him. She didn’t want to so that was that. On the way home after she been crying about everything Bridget wanted to look at herself on my phone so I let her. She looked at it and said she was ugly and so Dustin said she could drink his water and she would turn into him. She decided it was better to look like Dustin then to be ugly so she drink his water. The whole trip home Dustin pestered Bridget about things.

We got her a slushy because that is what she wanted. She thought that her mom was so nice because she bought her a slushy!

Anyway we survived over two hours Bridget crying about everything and it was hilarious! They are both doing really good now and things are great!

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