Tuesday, January 2, 2018

New Years Eve 

We had a great New Years Eve this year! Very different from one of us spending it with the youth and all of us being in different places. Scott and Tedi invited family to Payson for the night and next day. Mother and dad went and Will and some of his kids. Here are some pictures from the night.

On our way- 5 drivers in this house right now! 😬

Yummy food!

Whenever Bridget is around Tanner is always right by her side. She was trying to get her missionaries emailed (Caleb, Jordan, Barr and Noah) because the next day was email day.

Played a fun game of charades.

Then the lovely game of speak out with the crazy mouth pieces.

The boys spent time hanging out by themselves.

These two! ❤️

These two! 💕

Our New Years kiss! Glad we were together she we could get one of those.

These two! ❤️

It was gettin a little late if you can’t tell!!

New Year’s Eve was on Sunday so these boys couldn’t play video games. As soon as midnight was here they went at it.

The whole crew minus Scott who was taking the picture.

2018 here we come!!!

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