Thursday, May 3, 2018

She Said YES! Karsten and Bridget

Well this happened last night and we are so excited for Bridget and Karsten! They have the date June 23 picked so we have a busy month of May and June with graduation, a wedding and Dustin leaving! Thankfully it’s all good things!! We love Karsten and are so happy to have him in our family!

These lights say “will you marry” and Karsten friends got Bridget there a little too early so he didn’t  have the “me” finished but pretty sure Bridget knew what he was asking! He took her to Oak Creek Canyon Lookout yo do this. It had snowed a little bit that day so Bridget said it was so pretty out side. He had little luminaries set up around and gave her a beautiful ring! 

These pictures below are just some Bridget has sent me from them dating. Karsten treats Bridget like his princess!!! We love them!

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