Monday, October 5, 2015

Home Coming 2015

We had a very fun Homecoming Week this week thanks to our new Superintendent - Mr. Tenney.  (Ron)  We had a great assembly.  Here is Bridget and Lauren after walking out with the Volleyball Team. These pictures are really out of order and I don't know why...
All the Football and Volleyball players giving a big cheer!
My Dustin boy looking pretty spiffy at the assembly.
All the Volleyball players
And the football players.
Dustin standing up as one of the Royalty Nominees.
Bridget and Barr at the assembly.
Two good looking kids.  Time sure flies!
Kaylee and Kayla
Dustin on the field with all the royalty nominees.

Dustin playing Mighty Man.  He had lots of fun doing this!
Dustin on I can't believe you wore that to school day.
Tylinn and Kaylee on Movie day - Tylinn and cowgirl and Kaylee super woman.

Bridget and Rhett on I can't believe you wore that to school day.

Two McLaws boys after the Homecoming game.
Barr and Bridget
Dustin and Chaylene were the Duchess and Duke winners for Royalty.

Dustin and Cameron

Me with my # 22

Dustin at Mighty Man
 Juniors that ended up beating the Seniors
 Sophomores that didn't do so great but still had tons of fun!

 Bridget and Barr after Mighty Man
 Two cute high schoolers!
 Super Hero Day
 Tylinn with Kamryn for twin day
 Kaylee with Abbie for twin day
 Nerd day

 Bridget and Whipple after Powder Puff

 Dustin and Noah were the best coaches ever!

 Pride Day

 Blast from the past.  Bridget went to Whipples and borrowed their great grandma's dress.  Sad party is she looks really cute in it!
 Blast from the past.
Bridget with her Homecoming date Bryce
Their group for Homecoming - Devon, Sienna, Gabe, Olivia, Briget and Bryce

It was a great fun week!

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