Saturday, April 2, 2016


During Spring Break while Bridget and Dustin were on their trip and Bruce was gone the rest of us went to Mesa to spend a few days.  This year us and the valley cousins  had the same Spring Break. So Monday we used Holli's tickets and went to the zoo.  The animals were pretty lame so it's a good thing we got lots of fun pictures!!

 Rhett wasn't super thrilled to be there but was a pretty good sport about it!

 Petting the goats was the highlight of the day!

 After the zoo we went to the temple for an early FHE.  We got to see the stage all set up for the Easter Pageant.
 We went to the Visitor's Center and watched some videos and looked at things in there.  It was a lot of fun.  We need to do it more often.

It was a fun trip down there.  Tuesday we watched Zootopia in the theaters and walked up and down Main Street.  They had random pianos set up along downtown.  We walked to see each piano and play around on them then move to the next.  The Riding's were out of town but we still stayed at their house.  They got home Tuesday night. Wednesday we visited with the Riding's for a bit and got some groceries and headed for home.  We were excited to get home because we knew Caleb was in town and Bridget and Dustin would be home the next day.

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