Monday, December 19, 2016

High School Christmas Choir Concert

The kids had their amazing Choir Concert the other night.  It was fun to have Rhett Man in it this year so there were 3 kids in it.

 Some primary kids sang at the Night of Sacred Music and at the Grand Ball and had their last debut with the high school kids.

 Bridget, Olivia and Mikayla sang "All I want for Christmas is you".  It was super cute.  Bridget sang the lower harmony and made that song.

 Santa came this year after for a visit.  The little girls got to sit on his lap.

 Noah, Rhett, Bridget

 Jillie, Rhett, Makenzie, Lauren
 Both sets of Grandma and Grandpas came to watch.  Grandma and Grandpa Flake left before we got this picture taken.
 After the concert Noah came over so these 2 could study for the college calculus final.  Two big nerds that I love!

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