Sunday, March 19, 2017

Cruise Spring Break 2017

Spring Break this year was the best ever!  We finally got to go on our cruise.  We left here at 5 am Monday morning and met Holli and her kids at Country Club and the 101 and headed for LA.  I was just praying that nothing would happen the whole trip but especially on the way there so we could make it there.  We finally made it - the car top carrier skimmed past the roof of the parking garage and we made it in and parked.  Bid farewell to the cars and headed on our way.

 There is is - our ship!!  I can't tell you the excitement felt at this moment walking on the ship.  It was SO exciting!

 Right inside the door of where we came in was the Atrium.  This is the first look walking on the ship.
 We were walking around checking things out.
 For the first 2 days of the cruise it was foggy.  It was kind of a bummer because it was pretty chilly and we were hoping for sunshine and we couldn't see very far in the water.
 They had some fun shows on.  This was waiting for the first show to start.

 And ice cream 24\7 and that is how much ice cream everybody ate - some days for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

 They had an ice carving demonstration.  This guy hacked at the ice for about 10 minutes and had a pretty swan carved.  It was pretty cool to see how fast he got it finished.  We were out cheering him on.  You could tell it was tough work!

 Food was one of the best parts of this cruise.  Chocolate cake - yummy!

 Tacos, Hamburgers - pretty much anything you wanted.
 On the top of the ship were the slides.  The kids played out here as much as they could with the weather.  It was breezy on the top of the ship lots of the time too.  But they still had a lot of fun playing up there.

 Even the big boys had fun!

 Bridget went down the big slide a couple of times but was thankful she didn't get very wet!

 Hanging out by the pool!

 The hot tub was pretty crowded!  If it would have been warmer it wouldn't have been so crowded but everybody that wanted to swim got in there when they needed a break from the chilly swimming pool.

 Tuesday was our day at sea.  That night for dinner in the dining room was the dress up night.  Here we are at dinner with our fancies on!

 Arthur was the best waiter we had on the ship.  He asked all of us our names Monday night and called us all by name all night.  We really liked him so Tuesday night we asked for him again and he remembered all of our names which was amazing!

 All of us enjoying our dinner.

 Rhett was the one to try all the strange things on the menu.  Every night he ordered something strange to try.  This night was duck.  He really liked it.  One night it was frog legs and he wasn't a fan but he was always willing to try anything.  The night before he had alligator.
 Bruce even loved the food on the cruise.  This night he ordered 4 desserts.  The food was good - some better then others.  You could order as much of anything you wanted on the menu.  It was fun to order lots and try different things.  Our favorite dessert was Carnival Melting Chocolate Cake with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

 We went to another show Tuesday night.  Here we are getting down dancing!

 Wednesday we went to Catalina Island. The ship can't get close enough to let you off so we had to ride tender boats over to the shore.  This picture is on a tender boat.

 We didn't want to spend much money there so we just got off the ship and walked around for a while.  We found a fun little park we played at for a little while and walked through town.

 And we had to find the Post Office there!

 There is a little beach there but doesn't have any waves because it's in a little cove thing.  The girls braved the water for a little bit!
 Back on the tender boat to head back to the ship!

 Nur was our room steward.  He was great.  Every night he pulled down our sheets and had a fun little towel animal made for us and for the kids. All 5 kids were in a room together.  I guess I didn't ever get a picture on here of our rooms.  Bruce and I had our own room.  I slept great!  We had an inside room so it was pitch dark all the time and I guess I loved that because I slept great!  Nur was really good at remembering all our names and was interested in what we were doing that day!
 Thursday was off to Ensenada Mexico.  We rented a big van that Bruce drove around.  Holli sat in the passenger seat to tell him where to go.  I sat in the bench seat and closed my eyes! :) We went to the Blow Hole.  It was a pretty neat place. They had a ton of little shops on the way down to it so it took us a long time to get through all of them to get to it. We did have fun doing a little shopping though!

 This is the Blow Hole.  It is pretty cool when waves come together just right to this place in the rocks and shoots water up.

 This was down at the bottom by the Blow Hole.  We had to laugh because they had a bathroom there that you had to pay 50 cents a person to use.  After you paid they gave you a little piece of Toilet Paper to go use the bathroom - only in Mexico!

 There was this guy playing his flute and dancing at the bottom that the little kids got to dance with for a while.

Then Friday morning it was back to LA then head home.  We were not ready to come home.  The only good part about it was to quit eating so much and so late.  Everybody got home and got on the scale and was shocked how much weight you could gain in 4 days!  We took the stairs almost all the time but we still did a lot of sitting and eating.  It was fun all the people we knew on this cruise.  Right at the beginning we saw Devrie and her husband - that was a shocker then later we saw the Lewis family!  We were super good friends with them in Payson - they live in Showlow now.  It was fun to see Jarom and Kristina and their kids around the ship. The boys and Tylinn had lots of fun hanging out with their girls and cousin.  One of my old seminary teachers - Bro. Hershey and his wife and daughter were on there.  There were lots of people from Thatcher there that knows Jessica and Andrew and Spencer and Jami.  There was a group of kids that all ran around together at night until all hours of the night.  Usually it was until about 1 but the last night about 12:30 Rhett and Tylinn came back and Dustin stayed with them until 4:30.  They felt like they were always home on the ship so I guess they thought they could stay out forever!  It was a super fun trip!  Can't wait for the next one.  Next time it might be just Bruce and I so it's a little cheaper! So thankful we got to go and made it there and back safe with no car problems!

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