Sunday, March 5, 2017

Kaylee is 11

I can't believe my baby just turned 11!  Kaylee is the sweetest - most honest - fun girl ever! She does amazing with hair and is so artistic I can't believe it.  She for sure didn't get that from me!  Her birthday was on a Thursday this year which ended up being a crazy day.  It started at 6:00 am opening presents.

 New Ipod case
 Kaylee LOVES popcorn. I really like popcorn but Kaylee loves it.  She thinks if you are on the couch watching a movie you should have popcorn.  She got a cute little popcorn popper for her birthday.
 Beautiful girl!
 She also got a barbie tent and a basket ball.
 She wanted Crepes with strawberries (cause they were on sale) for breakfast.
 She had cupcake cones for her cake.

 I love this little girl that isn't very little anymore!
 She tried out her popper and loved it!
 That day at school she had her President's Float Parade.  Here she is sporting her new float displaying James Manroe,  She ended her birthday with a trip to Alibertos for some Carne Asada Fries, horchata and a churo.

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