Monday, November 6, 2017


Well Halloween came and went for another year! It is getting pretty low key around our house with only one kid dressing up. Monday night for FHE we got our pumpkins carved. They were all out of our garden and camevup voluntary so we carved what we had. 

Dustin and I did one together. This is th most I could get a picture of him.

Tylinn wanted her to be her twin so she put braces on it.

All ready for trick or treaters.

Kaylee dressed up as an old lady. She fit the title pretty good.

Kayla and Seneca came to get Kaylee and they went trick or treating together.

This is a girl from school. She is a handful but came to our house. I was shocked to open the door and see her family there and she was shocked to see me but she was so excited and talked about it for days after.

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