Monday, March 19, 2018

Hungary/ Romania Mission

Well Dustin’s call came and we had quite the opening last night. It actually came the Saturday before we left for Mexico. Dustin did t even want to know if it was here until Monday night after he got home from snowboarding. Well Bruce told him it was here. It he wanted to wait until after spring break to open it when people were back in town and Bridget would be here. So last night was the night. We had a ton os people there with barely standing room only. He had lots of support!

Everybody put their guess on the map. Nobody got it! 

Tylinn and Kaylee colored the cute chalk board.


Were were all very shocked when he read it. I thought for sure he would be Spanish speaking not to Hungary/Romania speaking Romanian!! Crazy stuff! He reports July 4! We have lots to do get him ready. I guess it gets super cold there so we have to buy clothes for the freezing cold!

He will be a great missionary but not sure how I am going to getthrough the next 6 months!! We are so blessed!!

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