Monday, March 26, 2018

Mission Shopping

Tylinn had an Allstate orchestra concert she wanted us to go to in the valley so we decided to go and take Dustin and get some mission shopping done. We went to Pomeroy’s and got a suit, white shirts, sewing kit, alarm clock, passport hiding pouch, baptism clothes, and a belt. After that we went to Kohl’s to look at slacks- we ended up getting a few pairs there with a 30% off coupon. Then we went to the Distribution Center and got his temple clothes. So we got a good start on it but still have lots to do. 

I am so proud of this boy for being such a great responsible boy. He is a great kid and tries hard to do what is right. This missionary stuff is getting a little more real to me and it’s awesome but it’s going to be a hard next 6 months. Graduation, him leaving and me dealing with it after he leaves. He is super excited! 

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