Saturday, November 21, 2015

Halloween 2015

We had a happy Halloween again this year.  The kids are carving their pumpkins.

 Dustin was at practice when we started and came home and I guess decided he was too old to carve a pumpkin - so sad - his first year not carving one.  We grew all these pumpkins in our garden plus about 6 more still on the porch.  The finished products!

 For NHS they had to help with the haunted hay ride for the Chamber of commerce.  Bridget is dressed up ready to go scare people.

 Kaylee has some serious artistic ability.  She amazes me almost everyday the things she thinks of in her head and makes.  There is some huge talent with this girl.  Here is a bat and witch she made from scratch without a picture or anything!
 Not sure why the pictures didn't turn the right way - this year Tylinn and Kaylee were Salt and Pepper.  The shirt lady in town made the shirts for me and we found the rest of their stuff around, We did have dots on the top of their hats as holes for the salt and pepper to come out of.  They were really cute and we had a lot of fun with it!

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