Monday, June 6, 2016

Capps Talent Show 2016

The last week of school we had the Talent Show at Capps.  They bused Mountain Meadows kids there again this year.  It is fun for the kids to have such a big audience.  Tylinn played the cello with Emalee, Kennedi, and Megan
 Abbie and Kaylee lip syncing to Under the Sea.  They did this all by themselves.  It was cute but Kaylee learned next time they need to dance or something with it.

 Brea, Tylinn, Emma, Paige, Allie and Kamryn did the Hoe Down song.

 Kaylee, Seneca and Kayla danced with their horses to She'll be Comin Around the Mountain. It was really cute.
 Those same girls that did the Hoe Down Dance did a glow stick dance.
 And Tylinn's class (Mr. Maner's Class) did their juggling and performing stuff.  It was really fun to watch them juggle and the other things they did.  They dressed 50's and danced their little hearts out on stage if they weren't juggling.
They all did great!

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