Monday, June 6, 2016

Last Day of School for the Others

Tylinn and Kaylee got awards at the assembly the last day of school. Kaylee got honor roll (so thankful for kids that are dedicated to school!!)  and perfect attendance for 3rd and 4th quarter.  Tylinn got Honor Roll, Perfect attendance for 4th quarter and also Best All Around which Mr. Maner described as the MVP award!  Go Tylinn!
 I like to take a picture the last day of school of all the kids with their reaction that school is out and on to a new year.  Here is Tylinn.  I CAN NOT believe she will be in Jr. High!!
 Kaylee is sad to leave Mrs. Jackson but is looking forward to a new year - but she loved Mrs. Jackson!
 Dustin was in trouble from the night before not being where he was supposed to be and not being home on time so he wasn't happy about much of anything.  It floors me that he will be a Junior and Bridget a Senior!
 Kaylee had to draw a sad face to share her feelings better!
Rhett and Bridget were gone with friends after school and I forgot to get pictures of them later.

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