Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Dropping Kids Off

Dropping my kids off for week long camps or EFY or anything is not my favorite thing to do - although I know it is good for them and me but it is very hard on this mamma.  We dropped Bridget off Sunday at the American Legion Girls State Camp in Tucson at U of A.  This was especially hard because we were dropping her off with not one person any of us knew.  She is an amazing girl with a great personality so I have no doubt in my mind she will do and learn great things there but it is still a hard thing. 
 It didn't help matters either that on the way down there our Mazda car starting having problems.  We learned the hard way when Uncle Kelly (who we bought the car from) told us that car didn't run good in the heat - it really doesn't!  We have had it for 2 years and forgot he had told us that.  We learned to not take the Mazda to the valley if it is going to be over 100 degrees.  That day was 116 degrees so it was a very warm day.  Thankfully we got Bridget dropped off in time and we made it home safe.  It took a little longer because we had to drive 60 mph to Tucson and all the way home but we made it!

 Now Mr. Rhett Man got to go to EFY in Tempe this week.  He rode with Melanie U. there so I didn't do the actual dropping off.  I do think that is a little easier then me being the one to drop off.  He has waited for this day for a long time.  He has heard Bridget and Dustin talk about this for years and he couldn't wait his turn to go.  Jillie and Lauren went with him too but his roommate is a surprise - hope it's a good one!  There is just something about the church and church people that ease the mind - at least a mom's mind!

I will just be glad when everybody is home safe and sound at the end of the week.  Jill is bringing Rhett  home and I will go down and pick up Bridget on Saturday.

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