Sunday, January 1, 2017

Christmas 2016

We had a wonderful Christmas Eve and Christmas this year - as usual!  The kids got to open their jammies Christmas Eve.
 Just a disclaimer - Rhett has his eyes clothes in about 90% of the pictures I take of him!!

Zippy's last night left this message.

 The reason for the season.  Baby Jesus waiting for the Nativity.
 Our delicious Christmas Eve Mexican dinner with Italian Sodas!
 We had Scott and Amanda and Kyi and his family over for a few songs, stories and the nativity.  I invited a less active lady I visit teach but she had to work and didn't end up coming.

 Beautiful Bridget reading the story "A Brother Like That" one of her favorites.
 Our amazing nativity.  The kids are always good sports to do this every Christmas Eve.  Something super funny was Mary (Bridget) was riding the donkey (Rhett - because he is always the donkey :) and as they were going past the Christmas tree Mary slid off backwards because the blanket was super slippery on one side.  It was so funny!
 The kids all watching the instant replay on the camera of Mary's graceful fall.
 All the kids decided to sleep upstairs - it was fun.  We hoped they would have more time to hang out upstairs together but Scott's family and us were having too much fun visiting so they stayed pretty late s it was time for girls to just go to sleep.  So here is their daddy laying down with them helping them try to go to sleep.
 Looks like Santa came!!

 The kids anxiously waiting on the stairs to come down.

 Thrilled boy!!  He actually really was but shows his excitement just like his dad - not much at all!
 Going through stockings.

 Rhett Man got a snow board!!!  Just what he wanted!
 Bridget opening a big box  -

 It ended up being a new comforter for her bed.    Probably the most exciting thing was after we were finished we told the kids there was an ornament on the tree that was new.  They looked and looked for it.  Finally Rhett found it and it was a cruise ship.  So YEP! WE ARE GOING ON A CRUISE!  We have been saving our credit card points for quite a while and wanted one last big trip before Bridget graduates.  We hope it is great!  We are going during Spring Break for 4 days to Ensanda and Catalina Island.  We are super excited!

 Rhett playing on a new snow toy.  It started snowing Christmas Eve about 4:00 which was perfect!  The only problem is it didn't last long enough!

 Dustin got beats - nice ear phones.
 Tylinn was most excited about the Polaroid Camera the girls got.
 Kaylee got her ankle boots she wanted so bad and a new dress and gel pens.
 Bridget loves her Converse shoes

 Bridget's cute new dress.  I so bad wanted a picture of all the family in their Sunday Clothes on Christmas but everybody left and got home at different times so it didn't work out.

 Barr and Noah came for a visit that night.  Fun boys!

 We went to Snowflake on Monday - day after Christmas.  I think this is the only picture I took.  The kids were eating breakfast so those 12 and older could go to the temple.
It was a wonderful Christmas.  This year the church put out the Light the World - and 25 ways to serve in 25 days.  We reflected on the Savior more this year then most and I know that is why it was so good! And nothing beats being home as a family with nothing going on!  Life is good!

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