Sunday, January 22, 2017

Girls Trip

For Christmas all of us girls got tickets to Disney on Ice.  When Holli and I first got them I said it better not be snowing that day.  Well guess what - yep big storm coming in.  We decided we better go Thursday after school just in case the weather was worse on Friday.  From Forrest Lake to the bottom of the rim the roads were all snow packed and it was snowing like crazy.  We made it there just fine.  Friday morning we did some exchanges from Christmas and a little shopping.  We went to visit Grandma Nena.  We also got some POGO Passes for Christmas so we went to Fat Cats to go bowling and miniature golf.  It was a lot of fun.

 That night was Disney on Ice.  Holli and her 2 kids went, mother and Kelli and Melissa.  We got to ride the light rail for free with tickets there.  It was super nice riding it because we didn't have to worry about anybody driving or anything.  We just sat there and visited.  It took about 50 minutes to get there.

 All seated ready for the show!

 Disney on Ice was Mickey and Minnie, Toy Story, Cars, Ariel and Frozen

 We loved the show.  Hopped back on the more crowded light rail and headed back to Kellis.
We spent Friday night there and had to figure out how to get home Saturday with the snow.  It snowed about 6 or 8 inches here.  The roads were pretty bad but then cleared up.  After driving down on bad roads I didn't want to drive back so Bruce rode to Payson with Derik and drove us home. The roads ended up being just fine.  It was great to come home and the girls had time to play in the snow a little bit.

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