Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Bridget is 19!!

We had a great family weekend this past weekend which I miss so bad! Bridget’s birthday was Saturday so we went to flagstaff to see her. This is the first time we have been with the kids since she moved there. It was fun for the kids to see her apartment and for her to take us on a tour of the campus and show us her classes. It was fun to see the institute where she spends so much of her time.  Here is a picture walking around campus - oh Rhett man!!

She woke up on her birthday and went to breakfast with her “breakfast club” her friends. She came home and Abbie and chanelle had this up above her bed.

Dustin and Rhett went th the NAU football game that afternoon and the rest of us went back to the motel room to open presents and have cake.

That night her friend from Snowflake had a blind date set up for her not knowing it was her birthday. So we went to the motel to hang out and go to bed and she left on a date. They went bowling and then bought and ice cream cake and went to a girls house to eat that and play some games. She had lots of fun and lots of partying on her birthday. We woke up Sunday morning and went to church.

After church we went to Bridget and Angela’s choir concert.  It was fun I listen to a concert that is university level.

We said our goodbyes and we headed home. It’s so hard to stay good bye!!!

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