Monday, October 16, 2017

Rocky Point

Holli and Shawn were going to Rocky Point this year for their fall break and staying in the condo pente house Hollis work owns. She invited us last year but it was the same week as Homecoming so the kids decided they wanted to stay home last year. This year when she invited Bruce said we were going no matter what. The boys didn’t feel like they could leave and miss their big Joe City football game that Friday night so it broke my heart but then ended up staying home. Bridget was going to stay home too and I woke up to a text Monday morning that said she wanted to go. Well she doesn’t have a car so Bruce left at 5:30 Tuesday evening for flagstaff to pick her up. We were glad she got to go. 

First night there eating some yummy tacos.

All the fixings to go on them.

This boy was making balloons for people and got one made for the girls and they were hearts.  Thankfully he posed for a picture for me even though he didn’t want to.

That night Bruce caught a big sand crab.

Lots of playing at h beach!!!

Little girls got their hair corn rowed.

We bought a couple of bracelets from this guy Bruce had to tan to him for a long time.

Mango time from Aunt Holli.

Bridget had to take a picture to send to Caleb.

When the water would go back out there would be holes in the sand. Bridget dug and found some snails were there were digging.

This was off one side of our balcony. Beautiful!

We went to the fish market and had some fun doing a little shopping.

Dinner that night was at  the Chicken Hut. Yummy!

Shawn took Trevor and the men fishing. They caught 135 fish.

Kaylee and Mavis

Bridget taking her 13 month picture to send to Caleb.

Beautiful sunset!!

Somebody sent me this picture of had time at the game we were missing!! It was sad not to be there!

Our beach kids from off our balacony.

It was a great trip minus we didn’t have the boys! We did get to ride the banana boat but Bruce didn’t. He took pictures. I think they must be on he other camera. 

Life was pretty rough for a few days! 😁 Laying in bed and waking up so see the ocean from laying in bed. We are grateful we got to go especially so cheap and hope we get to go back someday!

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