Tuesday, August 7, 2018

24th Celebration 

We had another great celebration this year. For some reason itveas more enjoyable for me then some other years. Not sure why- if it’s because the Naillon’s were here or Bridget and Karsten were there so I got to be with them or that we went Thursday night and stayed the whole weekend or what but I loved it this year.

Flake rodeo happenings-

Reed and Cayden doing the rescue race.

Karsten, Rhett and Taylor did the calf dressing- Karsten got ran over in the beginning by somebody else’s steer and Rhett was put I g the panties on and just about finished to win and another steer ran him over and messed him up. They did great with 4th place- but should have been 1st 😜

The parade.

Best friend from high school

Rodeo- I love watching the rodeos! This year we went to Friday and Saturdays rodeos andbloved them both!

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