Tuesday, August 7, 2018


It has been a huge adjustment have 2 kids gone from home and not my most favorite thing at all. I am so thankful they are off doing great things and being great people!! Bridget has been a little easier leaving because I can call her multiple times a day and talk. It has been really hard on me with Dustin gone and not being able to talk to him.

I have always folded our laundry on mine and Bruce’s bed. Through the years of first being married and adding each baby to our family as I folded laundry and thought about each pile of clothes I added to our bed to make another row for that new addition. Each new row for that kid has brought joy to me- yes joy through doing laundry. I was folding laundry a day or so after Dustin left thinking how I was down 2 piles and one of those would be gone for 2 years. 

Of course that brought the tears! I thought how pathetic I can’t even fold laundry without crying. I have learned since Dustin left there are lots of things I can’t do with out crying- not all the tears are sad tears. Sometimes they are just tears- overwhelming tears, tears of happiness that he is doing so good and of course tears that I miss that dang boy!! ❤️ I also decided it’s ok to cry!!

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