Sunday, October 9, 2016

Elder Whipple - See you in 2!

Well Caleb is really gone on his mission.  With not knowing if he could go on a mission due to some sleeping problems he has we have been praying that this day would come.  Well it did and the only thing harder would be having a child go that I birthed! Caleb left October 4th for the Paraguay Asuncion North Mission.  He will be a great missionary - the people there are lucky to get such a great missionary.  I am sure he is loving every minute of it in the MTC learning more of the gospel and learning his Spanish better.  Kaylee drew this cute picture for him before he left but I don't know that he came over after she drew it to see it.  He will be missed by all of us. 

 These were taken in front of the Whipple's before he was set apart as a missionary.

 One last hug......Bridget is holding up pretty good but misses this boy like crazy!

 He is a great example!

 Sure love this boy!  We can't wait until we get an email and get to hear how he is doing.  These past 5 days have seemed like it was forever ago. I know it will fly once we get this going.

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