Monday, October 24, 2016

Homecoming 2016

Well we survived another year of Homecoming and Spirit week.  It is always so much fun but lots of work looking for things for everybody to wear.  
Hat vs Sock Day

Mighty Man - Don't know why these boys have to look as ridiculous as possible to play Mighty Man but they sure have fun playing out there.  The Juniors lost to the Sophomores and Seniors.  Freshman I don't think beat anybody either.  Seniors played teachers and teachers cheated so the won.

These 3....
Bunch of Sophomores - Jaylen, Noah, John, Dustin, Chandler and Seth

Rhett took off as soon as it was over so I didn't get any pictures with him except when he was playing.

Preditor vs Prey Dustin didn't know what to do so he didn't dress up and Kaylee had left with dad so we didn't get a picture with her.
Powder Puff

Barr was coaching (see above picture) and Noah was on the sidelines.

Freshmen and Sophomores
All the kids

This pretty much sums them up.
Bridget and Whipple

Bridget and Jordan - both Seniors
My 3 high schoolers

Then the Homecoming assembly - the Football players and volleyball players walking out while getting introduced.

Bridget is the Student Body VP so she got to be more involved in the Homecoming activities then she wanted to.
Football Players
All 3 high school kids got nominated for royalty.

But none of them won.....

Volleyball players
Hans and Frans came to our assembly.  They did a great job entertaining.
 Bridget and Rebecca the volleyball captains had to have a chat with them.

Friday afternoon volleyball romped on Joe City!  After a very heart wrenching loss to Joseph City for the football game 26 to 22 it was time for the dance.  Dustin came home after the game and laid on the couch and didn't want to get up!  He was pretty bummed! Dustin went to the dance with Jodie.  They came to our house after for Crepes.

 Saturday night they went to Dillion's house in Snowflake for making their own pizza then to the haunted corn maze.  They came to our house after to watch a scary movie.  They had a fun time with everything!

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